Strong woman Deb Roach accomplish the impossible

A strong woman loves, forgives, walks away, lets go, tries again, and matter what life throws at her.

strong woman

Deb Roach she's a strong woman! graceful, flexible, healthy and beautiful.

strong woman

A WOMAN who was born with one arm has accomplish something that most would deem impossible. She become a two-time pole dancing world champion. Deb Roach  from Australia was born without her left arm. Deb grew up in Sydney, Australia, where she says accessibility and inclusion were never a strong focus of the schooling system.

The women was determined  to take up pole dancing after being motivated  by two pole dancers she saw performing in a club. Deb took perform so well  in this "sport" that she now teaches it and has won two international championships.


Deb Roach said:

'I am a strong woman doing something taboo and reclaiming my body for myself in a safe environment, where I'm not told that the fact that I am pursuing my own sexuality means that I am lewd, crude or a slut. And I think that that's a really positive thing.'



Deb Roach she`s a pole teacher at London Dance Academy