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Sarah  Evans, age 27, and hailing from the great state of Texas, is proof that if you put in the time, effort, hard work in the gym AND the kitchen, and use social media as a tool to self-promote, you can turn your average health/fit lifestyle into a network that reaches out to endless amounts of people who want to take the time out to follow your journey.
Sarah Evans is a Team BPI Bombshell, mother of three, a fitness enthusiast, and a future bikini competitor. Find out how she finds the time to stay fit amidst all the chaos of day-to-day life in this article:

Sarah Evans

Interview  with Sarah  Evans

Sarah  Evans: Fitness Model and Body Builder Interview 

 What do you think is the most fundamental in shedding the baby weight?

 I believe staying consistent with your workouts and eating is key. As it does take time, it's good to remember it took 9 months to gain the weight and may take 9 months to lose it! 

Are there any supplements, foods or recipes you would recommend for people who are looking for something to give kickstart or make their transition into being healthy more bearable? 

I hear this all the time,  that people couldn’t eat the way I do. Which in fact I eat normal foods, I just choose to prepare and cook them in healthier ways. One tip I like to share is using condiments to enhance your foods. Lemon juice, sugar free syrup, or hot sauce are a few of my favorites to add! 

How many days a week do you workout and for how long? Do you have splits or go by how you feel? 

I workout 5 days a week, a Monday through Friday routine that’s split it up by working my muscle groups twice a week. Sometimes I throw in an extra leg/glutes day on the weekends. I like to keep my weekly workouts at an hour max. 

As a fitness model, you are automatically judged by your outward appearance. What would you like for our audience to know about you that we may be surprised to hear?

That I can usually be found in my sweats, hair up in a bun, and no makeup at the grocery store! While appearances can always be deceiving, having an inside that is caring, genuine and loving is what I hope others truly see in me rather than just my outward appearance.

Did you ever play sports or be involved in dance when you were growing up?

Yes, I did. At a young age I played softball along with gymnastics and ballet. My high school years were filled with cheerleading and dance, which I still love! 

What quality do you find most attractive in a man?

For me the most attractive physical quality in a man would be strong shoulders and non physical would be a sense of humor. Women always need a good laugh after getting into a mood or being stressed. There is nothing better than having your man lighten the mood for you! 

If you could have one super power, what would it  be and why?

I love watching Marvel movies so really any of the super powers would be awesome to have. I would however, like to possess Rogue’s superpowers from X Men. Being able to take or use other superpowers when I need them seems like a good plan.

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