Routines are good for productivity and healthy living

routines are good

Routines are good for productivity and healthy living

Some weeks, I wake up Monday morning, blink, and all of a sudden, it’s Friday night. You probably know all too well this express-lane life. It moves so fast, no matter how much you want to linger, enjoy, and make memories. There’s a scientific reason for this: Our brains don’t bother noticing our routines much. But our minds pay extra attention to new things; more memories pile up, making time feel longer. (That’s why it seems to slow during death defying events—your brain adds extra info to your memory bank, so you think more time has elapsed.)

Wiggle around your week.

My work tasks are pretty standard from week to week, but I always try to schedule one or two things that are a little out of the ordinary, whether it’s giving a new talk or meeting a friend I haven’t seen in awhile. Even reading something different can change things up. Recently, I’ve been carving out time at lunch every few days to read The Week, because it offers more than one side of every story.

Make bigger small talk

At one point in my career, many of my patients were World War II veterans. Beyond discussing their health, some wanted to touch on their military memories, their buddies, or what it was like to go to war. I learned so much, and I’m sure it helped me be a better, more empathetic doctor to them. I think a lot of that was because directly hearing about soldiers’ experiences was new to me. I urge you to get your eyeballs off your phone when you’re in line at the supermarket or coffee shop.

Talk, connect, be curious about other people. These may not be the most monumental of moments, but they can be meaningful ones.

Enlist a sidekick.

If you’ve been wanting to study a new skill—painting, healthy cooking, learning Italian, or whatever— don’t put it off because you’re unsure of your abilities or where to start. Get over the hump by talking to someone who does what you’re dreaming of. Then grab a pal/neighbour/sister and make a pact to go in tandem.

Your insecurity will morph into excitement. There’s a rhythm to life that comes from routine, and that habitual heartbeat helps power you forward. But doing new things comes with an amazing, slow-the-clock-down gift. I don’t just want to go racing through life. I want to taste every drop of it. This year, I hope you’ll commit to doing the same by taking a delicious sip of the unknown.

Source :Dr.Oz 

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