Positive Body Language- 6 tips for everyone

Positive Body language influences how you appear to everyone else. And more importantly, it influences how you see yourself.

Positive Body Language

Positive Body language should help, not hurt. Even when the chat isn’t in person, how you hold yourself impacts how you connect with others and whether you present the best version of yourself.

That’s right, how you carry yourself will affect your self-perception

The internal change is subtle at first. But, after consistent practice with channelling your body like this, you will begin to notice effects it has on you.

You start to feel more powerful, confident, and optimistic when you use strong, positive body language. And this is something that cannot be overlooked.

You need to start implementing these poses into your life. The more frequently you can do so, regardless of your mood, the more you will start to feel permanent changes occur in your mind, body, and outlook.

6 tips for a Positive Body Language

  1. Tall and proud. 

Where are your shoulders? If they’re over your toes or your lap with your back curved into a C-shape, you’ll see uncomfortable in your own skin, turning people off. To convey confidence, hold your shoulders over your hips. Point your toes toward the person with whom you’re speaking, not the door, and lean on nothing. Practicing power poses – like superhero stances with your arms akimbo and your legs in an ‘A’ shape – can even help boost confidence before your talk begins. 

Your back is arguably the most important element to the structural integrity of your body. It supports your neck, head, and shoulders and provides the frame for which your entire torso can rest.
Most people have poor posture. Take mental note of the people you see on any given day. Are you doing what they’re doing?
You must have your head in line with your neck, which should flow seamlessly into the natural s-curve of your back. You must also make sure to have good thoracic extension with your chest out and shoulders resting back in their natural position.
Try this adjustment for yourself and look in the mirror. You will notice the difference, and others will too. Good, strong posture commands respect, and you will feel yourself transform under the power of your new disciplined demeanour.

  1. “The Wonder Woman Pose”

This is the classic superhero pose, with hands on hips. Your same back posture should be maintained while doing this.

This adjustment doesn’t need to be implemented as often as good posture, but it can be peppered into any environment where you are standing or moving slowly.

This pose projects confidence and, if done consistently enough, you’ll start to feel that confidence yourself. It’s an open position, and subconsciously communicates that you have no fear and are ready to take anything on (hence why it is the superman pose).

  1. Arm yourself. 

Take note of your arms. Those placed behind you can seem regal and distant, while arms crossed over your chest can seem threatening. To look like a leader, keep your arms relaxed and open, even lacing your fingers together in front of you to seem cantered, comfortable and interested.

It’s a very powerful pose, and the most open of all the positive body language poses. Its effectiveness at releasing pent up emotional or physical energy is unmatched.

  1. Eyes up and alert. 

Your eyes betray your focus. So, if you’re picking lint from your pants or looking for the exits, you’ll show your interest lies elsewhere and seem dismissive. For maximum engagement, do the physical equivalent of faking it until you make it. Start with the eyes, making solid contact, then nod in assent and raise your eyebrows while you listen. You’ll look alert and interested.

  1. Mirror, mirror. 

What’s your partner doing? Mimic their stance to diffuse tension and connect. If they are sitting, sit at the same height. If they are standing, face the same direction. Aligning your pose with someone else’s can help build rapport.

  1. Don't forget to smile. 

Smiles put those around you at ease and signal to yourself that you're doing what you're supposed to. It may just help give you the confidence to land that client or nab that dream gig.