F35-What is it like to fly and fight in a jet ?

At a discussion hosted by the Mitchell Institute in Washington on November 7, 2016, pilots from the US Air Force and US Marine Corps, including Major General Glen Van Herck, commander of the Air Warfare Center at Nellis Air Force Base (himself a B-2 stealth bomber pilot also qualified in the F35) described their experience

Question that people ask is What time is it on the Moon?

The Moon is not like Earth. It does not have oceans, lakes, rivers, or streams. It does not have wind-blown ice fields at its poles. Roses and morning glories do not sprout from its charcoal gray, dusty surface. Redwoods do not tower above its cratered ground. Dinosaur foot prints cannot be found. Paramecium never conjugated,

Colleen Elizabeth Fitness Model Tips and Tricks

Colleen Elizabeth is a fitness model originally  from Wisconsin's but now she leaves in  Dallas. Her favorite meals is  filet with mushrooms and double baked potato. She says: "I am very down to Earth, up for anything, a bookworm, and a tomboy who loves to dress up. " Colleen Elizabeth  Fitness Model   1. How

Oldest Human DNA Revises Our Family Tree

A TECHNOLOGICAL FEAT — extraction of human DNA from fossils nearly half a million years old — has revised the timeline for our species. The samples came from Spain’s Sima de los Huesos cave, which has yielded the largest hominid fossil collection from the Middle Pleistocene, 130,000 to 780,000 years ago. During this murky chapter