Let’s get the really obvious ones out of the way - UGG boots, socks and sandals, sunglasses at night. These come up ALL THE TIME and you will already have heard them. What girls hate men wearing? ILL FITTING CLOTHES. Trousers or jackets that are too big look terrible, equally a jacket or a sweatshirt

Brilliant Facts About Ants You Never Knew

Ants appeared 130 million years ago with flowery plats, where humans evolved only 2 million years ago. That is quite impressive!!! What you think? Out  of 20.000 know ant species 37% are yet to be classified. Except on Antarctica, ants are found on every continent on earth, 25% of insects biomass on earth are represented

Christmas Abbott fitness mogul and businesswoman

Gracing the Malibu sands with her tiny but taut body and happy go lucky attitude, Christmas Abbott looks like a typical SoCal native living a charmed life in the sun. Christmas Abbott looks like a typical SoCal native living a charmed life in the sun. While renowned as a successful business woman and fitness mogul,

25 Most Inspiring Physiques In Sports

In this article you will find the 25 most beautiful physiques in women sport. This beautiful bodies represent hard work, sacrifice and motivation, women who achieve their goals and can be a good source of inspiration for many of us. Let's have a look a this top 25 Most Inspiring Physiques In Sports   25. Genie


Your brain is the only thing that can keep you healthy and happy. A Healthy Brain When you are unhappy what do you do? Do you go out for a meal? Go to the cinema? The theatre, perhaps? Do you go shopping? Perhaps you like a drink to overcome your unhappiness. Or do you get

Home Cleaning Products Are Harmful

Dr. George Grant, Founder of the International Academy of Wellness, talks about chemicals in the home cleaning products. Are you poisoning your children with home cleaning products ? About home cleaning products : I would like to share this information with you. It's pretty scary when you think of all those people who use toxic

Elizabeth Cochran Was Locked Up in a Mental Hospital.

Elizabeth Cochran was locked up in a mental hospital for 10 days , when a true identity was revealed the doctor were shocked. Elizabeth Cochran was born on May 5, 1864 in Pennsylvania. Elizabeth Cochran didn't like the idea that women can only benefit society by working at home, at the age of 18 , she

What Happens When I’m Drunk?

If you’re going out and you don't fancy getting drunk, use our guide to make the most of alcohol’s social advantages while limiting its potentially melancholic consequences. 1.HAPPY HOUR If even the thought of that first sip makes you feel refreshed, you do not have a problem. Research published in Indiana University found that the

Resveratrol Antioxidant -Keep Your Weight Loss on the Boil

Resveratrol Antioxidant is a beneficial compound found in red wine that is associated with life extension and some of the health benefits in wine. It is produced in grapes as a defense against toxins, and is abundant in the skins. If you’re fighting a cold war against the festive spread, here’s a hot new way

Get Your Hands Dirty-Use Your Fingers

Your "downstairs" isn’t the only star. Start using your other 10 tools: your fingers 1. TRACE HER BODY Pretend you’re an artist, drawing every crease of her body with your finger. “This gets her focusing on sensation,” says Marianne Brandon, author of Reclaiming Desire. Trace her lips, her soft inner thighs, the roundness of her