Colleen Elizabeth Fitness Model Tips and Tricks

Colleen Elizabeth is a fitness model originally  from Wisconsin's but now she leaves in  Dallas. Her favorite meals is  filet with mushrooms and double baked potato.
She says: "I am very down to Earth, up for anything, a bookworm, and a tomboy who loves to dress up. "

fitness model

Colleen Elizabeth  Fitness Model


1. How did you get started in the fitness industry?

I kind of fell into it actually. I wanted to get in shape more so I would get more work modeling-wise. Once I started to see the weight come off and how great I started to feel I wanted to keep it up. It’s amazing what you can do once you put your mind to something!


2.What is the most challenging thing about being a fitness model?

I think it’s sometimes difficult when traveling to find time to work out and eat right. Airport food isn’t always the healthiest and most hotel gyms don’t have a lot of the machines I use on a regular basis.
So you have to improvise your routine and be a little conscious of food/drink choices so you don’t mess up your hard work.

3. What products and supplements do you swear by?

I use Stance Supplements for their Thermogenics and BCAA. I tend to mix up my protein shakes afterwards though.

4. Do you ever encounter stereotypes with the way you look?

I think the biggest one I get is that when I go into a gym that people assume I need help. I don’t think I’m as muscular as a lot of fitness models, so I still get the damsel in distress type attention from some guys at the gym. Even though I’m smaller, I’m pretty strong and so I love the looks of their faces when I do heavy weights or ask if they need a spotter. The best is when guys don’t put their weights away and I pick them up and say ‘oh don’t worry I got this’ and put back a 100 lb weight.

5.What is your current training style / routine / split?

I mostly lift weights and then I’ll do the stair climber or go for a run, but my favorite way to do cardio is dancing!

6. What are your favorite clean foods and splurge foods?

I like egg white omelettes, tuna, and salads that I load up with plenty of veggies and top with a vinaigrette dressing. As for cheat foods I am a big fan of cheese, so I love pizza, cheeseburgers and cheese fries. I don’t get to eat them as much as I want to, but they are tasty when I do!

7.What are your go to exercises for glutes?

Squats, donkey kick backs, and hip thrusts.

8.If you were trapped on an island, what 3 things would you bring with you?

A toothbrush, a Swiss Army knife, and my phone to try to call for help!

9.What tips do you have for a beginner at the gym?

Definitely go light on anything you do whether it be weights, running, any type of biking etc. You might be working out next to someone who is stronger, has more endurance or an expert who has been doing an exercise for awhile. Don’t compare yourself or think you need to keep up; one wrong move and you can seriously injure yourself.

10.If you saw someone with horrible form at the gym every single day, would you give unsolicited advice, or just let them be since no one ever likes unsolicited advice?

I would give them a pointer with a smile. Better to have them have the knowledge and see how it’s done then really hurt themselves. If they don’t take my advice that’s their choice.

11.Gym romance: yay or nay?

I have met past significant others in the gym so I don’t put it past me. I then know they are into working out just like I am!