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Most creatures known as sea slugs are actually sea snails Slugs probably call the idea of brown and sticky garden gastropods to mind. However, their marine relatives dazzle with diverse and bizarre colours and shapes The glossodoris cincta has regional colour forms: Depending on where it lives, the Glossodoris cincta is found in three different

Hitler and the German Brand Giants

Hitler helped German brands to raise in second world war   18th Century British nobleman once said “The time to buy is when there’s blood in the streets.”. By saying this we can conclude one thing from the speech: Through every tragedy someone gets rich. This is what happened after the second world war when'd

Are left handed people smarter? false or true!

As is so often the case with social science research, the frustrating answer is "it depends." But there are certain cognitive domains where left handed people do seem to excel. One such area is called "divergent thinking," or the ability to generate new ideas based on existing information. That's according to 1995 research by psychologist

Killer Whale called Orca -are no more killers

Killer whale are no more killers than any other kind of cetacean, and technically they belong to the dolphin family, so many people prefer to use the alternative name of Orca The sight of an adult male killer whale cutting through the water is one that most people will never forget. Their sheer size and

Why does cold weather make joints sore?

Joint pain is among the most frequent types of pain. The main causes of joint pain are trauma and acute and chronic arthritis. Usually joint pain is associated with disturbed function of the joint, ranging from restricted movements to disability. The scientific evidence is conflicting. Some studies find a strong relationship between short, cold, damp

Question that people ask is What time is it on the Moon?

The Moon is not like Earth. It does not have oceans, lakes, rivers, or streams. It does not have wind-blown ice fields at its poles. Roses and morning glories do not sprout from its charcoal gray, dusty surface. Redwoods do not tower above its cratered ground. Dinosaur foot prints cannot be found. Paramecium never conjugated,