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It's not enough to say that wheat is bad for you and you shouldn't eat it, especially when wheat-based products make up such a large part of the American diet. It's important to know exactly what wheat is, how it came to be so important in the human diet, and how eating it affects our

11 TIPS WEIGHT LOSS- lose up to 4 lbs in 14 days.

Eating the vegetarian way provides so many body perks. The foods that we eat can affect the pH balance of our blood, which has knock on consequences for your health. One of the biggest culprits of acidity in the blood is red meat, so by eliminating it from your diet you’ll be helping to alkalise


Full Body Cleanse Whether you’re cleansing for a week or a month, this roster of low-key home detox tactics will keep your metabolism ticking and evade the perils of fasting while resetting your gut and taste buds. FOOD How to make a home detox.Full body cleanse Eat a light and healthy diet. Use cooking methods

Routines are good for productivity and healthy living

Routines are good for productivity and healthy living Some weeks, I wake up Monday morning, blink, and all of a sudden, it’s Friday night. You probably know all too well this express-lane life. It moves so fast, no matter how much you want to linger, enjoy, and make memories. There’s a scientific reason for this: Our

Hair Loss-5 ways to win the Battle of the bald

There are a variety of ways to fight hair loss. For many people,hair loss can be devastating. This can be especially true if the individual is very young or has a medical issue. Regardless of the reason for your hair loss, there are ways that you can take action to save the remaining hair and

Ways to fall asleep-3-step-guide for best results

Falling asleep? No problem. But staying asleep can be tough. Follow our three part guide  to getting your best night’s sleep ever. If you are anxious all the time or suffer from an anxiety condition, chances are you don't find it very easy to fall asleep. Relaxing your mind at the end of a full