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Interesting facts about cars- 10 amazing facts about vehicles

Check out our interesting facts about cars and enjoy learning about the automobile industry. Read on for a wide range of interesting information related to cars. 10 interesting facts about cars.   1. The smell of a new car is composed of over 50 volatile organic compounds Volatile organic compounds, sometimes referred to as VOCs, are organic

11 New Sports Cars Coming Soon at Frankfurt Show

Performance new sports cars still rule despite electric vehicle mania. THE Frankfurt Motor Show is one of the biggest events on the automotive industry calendar. It offers key insights into the future of motoring as each of the German car making behemoths attempts to out-do its rivals at their home show. Predictably, the buzzwords were

2017 Maserati Levante compare with Porsche

2017 Maserati Levante have computer-controlled air springs which are standard and can raise or lower the Levante over a range of 3.4 inches. WITH THE LEVANTE SUV, MASERATI LEVANTE LOOKS THE PORSCHE CAYENNE IN THE EYE....AND BLINKS. Maserati has been here before. Preserving soul-stirring brand values while managing the balance-sheet realities of being a tiny

Driverless cars will be test in India by Google, Tesla and Uber

"The government will allow testing of driverless cars on a case-by-case basis once the law is in place," a top roads ministry official told ET. India could soon see driverless cars on its roads India could soon see driverless cars on its roads as proposed amendments to the motor vehicles law will empower the government to permit the testing

BMW Electric Future-BMW i8 Spyder coming in 2018

  There’s an BMW Electric i8 Spyder coming in 2018.  BMW wants to be considerate a technology brand as much as it does a car manufacturer. In a speech during a showcase of BMW’s future product plans – there’s an BMW electric i8 Spyder coming in 2018 and improved batteries (in terms of range and output)

VOLVO WAGON-The social history of this vehicle.

There’s a new Volvo wagon now, more luxurious than the old ones and aimed at a slightly different, more upscale audience. See the new volvo wagon here.  HOW DID STATION VOLVO WAGON COME TO DEFINE THIS VOLVO SWEDISH CARMAKER? IF THE VOLVO BRAND were a Rorschach blot, most Americans would see a station wagon. But


HOW MUCH DOES A SPACE-SAVER SPARE TYRE REALLY IMPACT A CAR’S PERFORMANCE? Did you ever wonder how much a SPARE TYRE REALLY IMPACT the acceleration, breaking and skidpad A CAR’S PERFORMANCE? IN OUR MINDS, this was going to be a lot more exciting. Our plan to test a Ford Mustang GT with a space-saver spare tyre